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Q-1: To answer a call on your mobile phone while travelling you should
A- reduce your speed wherever you are
B- stop in a proper and convenient place
C- slow down and allow others to overtake
D- keep the call time to a minimum

Q-2: When you see a hazard ahead you should use the mirrors. Why is this?
A- Because you will need to accelerate out of danger
B- Because you will need to brake sharply to a stop
C- To assess how your actions will affect following traffic
D- To check what is happening on the road ahead

Q-3: You are driving at dusk. You should switch your lights on
A- even when street lights are not lit
B- so others can see you
C- only when others have done so
D- only when street lights are lit

Q-4: You forget to switch off your rear fog lights when the fog has cleared. This may
A- dazzle other road users
B- reduce battery life
C- cause brake lights to be less clear
D- seriously affect engine power

Q-5: How can you use the engine of your vehicle to control your speed?
A- By changing to a lower gear
B- By changing to a higher gear
C- By selecting neutral
D- By selecting reverse gear

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